Kamis, 11 Desember 2008

3D World Atlas 2009

This stunning, interactive 3D World Atlas lets you explore the world as never before!

From Pole to Pole, this stunning, interactive 3D World Atlas lets you
explore the world as never before! 3D World Atlas is a complete,
concise, and exciting way to explore the world. This program takes
interactive mapping to a new level, combining high-resolution
global satellite imagery with detailed geographic information, showing
the world as it really is.
Featuring over half a million mapped locations, 3D World Atlas provides
a level of detail to satisfy even the most demanding traveler or researcher. Key Features
* 5 x 3D spinning globes: General, Satellite, Physical, Bio-Geographic,
Earth by Night
* Up-to-date information on almost 200 countries
* Discover in-depth, dynamic, geographical information
* Every label is hot-linked to information about countries or physical features
* Virtual globe technology renders flat maps as 3D globes, with smooth
rotation and continuous zoom
* Unique ‘horizon’ view delivers dramatic spacecraft views of planet Earth
* Click two or more locations to measure the distance between them
* Users can mark and label their own favorite locations
* Current latitude/longitude co-ordinates displayed as the cursor moves over the map
* Print or copy/paste maps, text and graphics

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