Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

Secret in Google

Tip 1: (What would a file with the extension)

Use this keyword to search for files that need his friends, for example search mp3 files, etc.:

"Parent directory" / appz /-xxx-html-htm-php-shtml-opendivx-md5-md5sums

"Parent directory" DVDRip-xxx-html-htm-php-shtml-opendivx-md5-md5sums

"Parent directory" Xvid-xxx-htm-html-php-shtml-opendivx-md5-md5sums

"Parent directory" Gamez-xxx-html-htm-php-shtml-opendivx-md5-md5sums

"Parent directory" MP3-xxx-html-htm-php-shtml-opendivx-md5-md5sums

"Parent directory" name or album-xxx-htm-html-php-shtml-opendivx-md5-md5sums

NB: This keyword is in the browser GOOGLE it. after that stay click Browse ...

Tip 2: (What would a song)

? intitle: index.of? mp3

you simply add the file type is, how his performers, or artists

Example:? Intitle: index.of? mp3 rice

Tip 3: (What would ebook, document, etc.)

intitle: "index of" google hacks "ebook

tailored to the needs of his friends ..

Tip 4: (What would like to know the document with a specific directory)


the result direktori2 live ... What the desired link

Tip 5: (What file)
which is more solid ..
-. "Xxxx" / google will show that contains the word "xxxx", eg "Tejo" means GOOGLE searchingnya results will show that menganfung word "Tejo"
-. filetype: xxx / only files with the extension you want to be shown. Eg. Exe,. Mp3,. Etc
-. allinurl: x / search for the desired URL. Eg "I change the x setiawan", then GOOGLE will display the URLs that contain the word = 'www.google.com / Tejo
-. allintext: x / idem (text)
-. allintitle: x / title of the html page
-. allinanchor: x / show link

Tip 6: (What crack)
keyword is:

crack: app name

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